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Earn $ Money By Uploading And Sharing Files (HotFile,Uploading,FileFactory,Rapidshare) - Earn Upto 35$ per 1000 downloads and 65% of premium sales! - Was known previously as SharingMatrix, They come up with a new site, new interface and new plans for earnings as well! They pay upto 35$ per 1,000 downloads if you're on Pay-Per-Download plan, OR 65% of each premium sale! I've never seen a site offers such rates to be honest.They also have plans that pay pay for both downloads and premium sales but at a little low rate.

You can upload through the site directly, through FTP or Remote Upload. You can also host your images to FileSonic.
They pay every Friday via PayPal, WebMoney and AlertPay, minimum amount is just 15$

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FileFactory New payout Program Launched - Earn Upto 30$ per 1000 Download
 Make money online file sharing today
New Reward system features:
- Highest Payouts! Get paid up to US$30 for every 1,000 downloads. You won't find better rates online so why not  join today and upload.
- All Countries Paid! We pay for all your traffic regardless of the country it comes from. No matter who downloads your files, you earn money.
- 20% Referrals! Recruit new uploaders and earn 20% of everything they earn. Get paid for finding new uploaders!
- Weekly Payouts! Get paid every Friday  if your balance exceeds  $20. No more waiting to get paid, it happens automatically!

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Payment Proof will be added soon as i have just asked for a payment  today's morning after applying the new system!

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FileServe - Earn Upto 25$ Per 1000 Download
FileServe is new File-Hosting which pays upto 25$ for downloads from all countries around the world.they offer many advantages like: Easy, quick and painless uploads via FTP and remote upload as well.They pay 25% of your referrals' earnings; this is the highest payout you will find for any one click file hosting service!.They also give unlimited downloads for anonymous and free users, thus you can maximize your profit for each file.They pay via PayPal, ePassporte and WebMoney.Minimum payout is USD 20.
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Easy-Share - Earn Upto 20$ Per 1000 Download
Easy-Share is another file share hosting that could make you some good money. Easy-Share will pay you 20 bucks per 10000 download. You will get free premium account if you generate 15000 downloads in 30 days. I do recommend joining Easy-Share because they have really fast download speed and payout. And you have to admit that a lot of people are making fortunes with this site 
Site Fetures:
- HTTP, FTP uploads. Remote uploads.
- Referral program 20%
- Automatic payouts on the 7th of every month for the previous month.
- We pay by PayPal, ePassporte, WebMoney or bank transfer. Minimum payout for PayPal, ePassporte and WebMoney - $10, for bank transfer - $500.
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DepositFiles - Earn Upto 30$ Per 1000 Download
This time I want to tell you about another get paid to upload website which is called As all other services, Deposit Files is a free file hosting, which will pay you every time, someone downloads your files. In order to earn, you just have to upload interesting files (the ones people are craving for).
Here is some more information about making money online with Deposit Files:
1. Everybody from any country of the world can participate in our bonus earning program.
2. Flexible rates depend on the size of files you upload!
They have implemented new rules, and now they pay you more for larger files.
Making money online from your files is really easy, it’s the same thing you are doing every day. No matter how many files and filedownloads you have, you can start earning today. It’s pretty simple, especially if your files are large.
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